The Chronicles Of Hufkens2000

July - August 2019

Every single day I am looking out for Debbie.
Every minute without Debbie is a minute in pain, and this has been going on for five years now !
The suffering has become unbearable and I only wish to die.

How about that for a 4 of July ?

For 35 years I only wished for a girlfriend, but no woman even wanted to chat with me.
I worked and kept working on myself, year in, year out,... but not the slightest attention.
It was a disgusting, sickmaking time, ... without the hope or joy I remember out of my first 20 years.
That's how and where I learned to communicate with non-human intelligences,... ghosts, spirits, aliens.
Now "they" invite me to join them on their side, to take a leap of faith,...


When you are in great pain and only want to die,...
a leap of faith would be to stay alive,... no ?


Debbie was a cold and mean person who took joy in hirting people.
She only showed herself rude, careless, angry and without manners.
I made her sweet and gentle because she looked so good,
and I fell in love with a fantasy, I only wanted an old dream to come true,...

I launched this page for Debbie, check out back at the beginning on page 1.
Everything that was written here, was written only to reach Debbie !
More then 4 years in the making, day in, day out, month in, month out, year in, year out,...
She probably dissapeared on me because of this,... she felt embarrassed with this attention,
but how else could I introduce her to my complicated life ?

While the real Debbie is out there hiding somewhere like a little bug,
I am calling my fantasy Debbie "The Bee" from now on !

It all happened when I was sitting in the garden drinking coffee.
Suddenly, between a lot of wasps,
there was a bee that landed on my cup and flew away again !
It was like the insect was guided by a spirit, a ghost, a non-human intelligence !
Even if it was just my imagination, it was so, so romantic !

The real Debbie, Me and The Bee are forming a triangle by now, whether Debbie likes it or not !
She can't fight her destiny, she needs to join me and together we can rule the galaxy !

If you would see Debbie, you would think that she looks as tiny as a wasp !
Without her, I shall have to find somebody smarter and better,
and that could be almost everybody,... that would be real confusing !

- A R C H I V E S -

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