The Chronicles Of Hufkens2000

December 2018

It has been two years since I revealed myself to the public and became completly transparant,...

At first I was worried about all that transparancy, but nobody could care any lesser,...
I suppose that is a good thing, because now I don't have to wear a mask !

People who can hear voices can be compared with the mutants out of the X-men series !
They are discriminated and their "mutation" is often seen as a curse.
Turning that curse into a gift needs severe training of body (sport) and mind (study).
"Mutants" are standing alone, are feared and feel humiliated because of their mutation !
There are not enough professors X to give guidance yet, but the problem starts to get mapped,...

December 10th,... What exactly killed Desiree Viola ?
What did "the voices" whisper to make her do what she did ?
Was it the fear for degeneration that became to strong ?
Couldn't she bear not to be the center of the universe anymore ?
Did she assume that the best of her life was behind her once she became 25 ?

November 2018

I do not feel like buying me a first sexual experience yet,
I have no desire for it, neither do I feel the wish to party or to have a normal life.

When I see all those schmucks and idiots running arround me,...
parents, students, working people, families, most women,...
There's no reason to complain about me or my life at this time.
Only people dissapointed in sex out there,... the ones who really did it !
I was never dissapointed about it,... I never had any,...
So I can still dream and fantasize about it, feel hungry for it !
That's what's keeping me awake and running.

Besides that, I still have 5 more kilograms to lose,...

November 11th, it has been one hundred years since the first world war ended.
There was no televison or internet back then, no computers or smartphones in those days.
People were lot more narrow minded, they didn't have their minds filled with images.
The first world war was a war between a few European countries, but that was the world back then !
It is amazing how far the mind of humans has evolved in 100 years.

How far will we be over 100 years, in the year 2118 ??

The people of war will be extinct, the new generations will settle their disputes inside videogames,
in virtual realities without real bloodshed or killings, only dealing with their emotions.
People will be able to take time to concentrate on the regeneration of their own bodies,...
to become older, healthier, fitter, stronger. Perhaps by communicating with the beings of the afterlife.

And the humans then will look at us, like we are looking back at 1918 !

November 18th, the first cold has hit the streets of Gentham City and it will hang until Valentine !

I have been training 7 days on 7, without missing a day, for more then 6 months now.
What I have learned about the regeneration of the human body is rather complicated,...
Your mortal human body can be seen as a pet of your immortal human soul.
Influences of immortal souls causes regeneration, influences of mortal bodies causes degeneration !
Human couples or the majority of the world's population, are mainly influenced by mortals,
and that's why we have more degenerations then regenerations at this point in time !

Regeneration is a continuous process that needs lot of work and concentration on different levels.
It might take several generations to master the process !

Lot of illustrations can be found in series and movies,...

November 28th, losing weight is all about counting the calories you consume.
You can have about 2000 calories a day,...
Take more and you gain weight, take lesser and you lose weight !
If you do sport, you can have 500 extra calories that day.
You can eat chocolate cake,... as long as you count its calories.
If you can't calculate the amount of calories with your head, there are apps doing it for you,...

100 years ago, on november 28, 1918,...
counting calories was not on the daily program.
Overweight was a sign of wealth, not a problem or disease,
and if the word "calorie" was used, it had a different meaning !

Today, the concept of regeneration is rather new for the majority of people !
But over 100 years, in 2118, there might be new words and fresh applicable insights for it.
And it starts by learning to give your body what it needs !

- A R C H I V E S -

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