The Chronicles Of Hufkens2000

July - August 2017

Still trying to get access in my old neighbourhood,
so I can check if there is mail in my house,...

Lot of brain-sucking lobster beings over there, check the news report!

Besides that it is summertime in Gentham city,
Everybody is on leave and there is nothing to do.
We have some swimming pools around the city, our own beach and lot of green parks,
there is a folklore event downtown and new movies are being released in theatres!

So my life consists mainly of training my body and elevating my mind,
hoping that one day I can also sit on a beach somewhere,
doing more then just watch women in bikini.

However,... since I had no sexual experience, only rejections,
the step for sex is a bridge too far, because I am blocked in the belly.
I should concentrate on slowdance or related first, to slowly deblock my belly.
Any advice in that direction is welcome !

I met this girl, then I saw her family, then I remembered that movie !

June 2017

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Special one time only notification for the partners:

Project HIGHLANDER has been aborded after 25 years!

Since "there can be only one",...
it's no wonder that I always ended up alone.

On June 3 at exactly 12 PM summertime,
Operation RIVENDELL has been initiated instead.

Please update your records and modify your plans,
before you end up living your life forever lonely!

Project H. was about finding the key for the regeneration of the human body,
mind over body, spirit over matter,... theory over practicum.
(That's where I made contact with non-human intelligent life,... ghosts, spirits.)

Operation R. is about the using and the sharing of that key in real life.

Meanwhile Vampire Girl was chased away out of the street,
because the neighbourhood complained about the smell she left behind.
Besides that, she looked like her mother and that was almost criminal.
Now that she is gone, the street enjoys some well deserved peace !

Lot of selfmade SciFi on YouTube these days !

- A R C H I V E S -

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